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Speaking Engagements & Workshops

"I knew that if we had Chana Gittle speak, everyone would go home feeling good."

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" You were so personable with the women before and after your talk, and you included the women as part of your presentation.  
Most of all you were a pleasure to work with."

Chana Greenberg, Shlucha, El Paso TX

"Your trademark warmth and humor hit the spot!  The ladies in our group enjoyed the hands-on practical advice and positive inspiration.  Everyone walked away with food for thought, thank you for a wonderful presentation."

Rivky Bukiet, Shlucha, Baltimore MD


"...She was humorous, enjoyable, real and inspiring. The women all enjoyed the talk and opened up as a result of it."

Batya Rosenblum, Shlucha, South Hills, PA

"Your discussion on Taharas Hamishpacha - absolutely pivital, 
and so well said!"

Shulammis S., Pennsylvania

"I enjoyed it so much! oh, and people up here love your articles.  They ask me if I know you, and I get to be all like: 
'She's my mother!!' its the best!" 

My Most Prized Accomplishment!


"Thank you so much for taking time off your busy Chof Bais Svat schedule to speak to us at the Post-Sem Kinnus!  Your Session was amazing!  Everyone loved it!"
Chayala Mentz and Draizy Raskin, Coordinators of the Post-Sem Kinnus

"…Hashem has blessed you with the ability to reach people in a way that enriches and explains in a simple and joyful way how to handle the complexities of marriage. You are wonderful.  Keep spreading the word ."
Sheira R., Massachusetts

"I had the best week of my marriage 
after hearing the presentation." 

SB, Maryland

"Women want intelligent lightness... just an evening of pure enjoyment and inspiration...a speaker who shares information and insights with a smile.  YOU DO.  You have a mesmerizing style and a 
delicious, warm encompassing way of speaking. You're my idea of an

inspirational speaker/spirit." 

Rivka J., VT 


"It was a real unforgettable lesson to be starkly faced with my own prejudices, and to be told, 'I am not responsible for my first impression, but I am for my second!'

I loved it."
Deena T,  PA

"It was so fun to see you do your writing live! You were fantastic.! Story teller, comedian and motivational speaker

all rolled into one." 
Chanel L., NY


"I still remember the rocks!… 

which remind me of what I need to do!"

" I feel so fortunate to have heard your talk at my Sheva Brachos.  Rivkah and I stillhave those rocks and I think about them a lot"
YM, Pennsylvania

"My kids were laughing hysterically when I described your getup last night.  I explained your message as well.  They loved it!"
Nina D. , PA

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Chana Gittle Deray is an inspirational speaker and writer  known for her warm humor - with a strong purpose.


Whatever the topic: faith, family, womanhood, Chana Gittle is fresh and relate-able - a real person who will connect to your audience with her soothing presence, wonderful stories and crazy props.


She transports the audience with warmth, humor and inspiration. 

Your audience will laugh, cry, and laugh some more — bringing home a powerful and memorable message — feeling more intimately connected to themselves, their community, 
and to their creator.

"I knew if we had Chana Gittle speak, 

everyone would go home feeling good."

Chana Gittle addresses audiences of all ages, levels of religious observance, and affiliation

On the cover of the Jerusalem Post Magazine

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