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Kugel, Chaos & Unconditional Love

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Searching for that joy you imagined in becoming a wife and mother? Sometimes all you need is a shift in perspective. 
Meet Chana Gittle Deray.  A wife. And mother of 9 children.  


Journey through the visually rich and humorous stories of family life, marriage, female empowerment, determination and faith, culled from Chana Gittle’s pursuit of a life truly worth living – unexpectedly becoming an observant Jew in the process. Lots of laughs, joy, and meaningful reflection, as she turns the simple everyday into the extraordinary, and brings the extraordinary down to earth.

A funny, touching, deeply uplifting collection of stories on family life, marriage, female empowerment, determination and faith. Available on Amazon, and in select book stores.

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"Laughed a bit, cried a bit, came away with a new perspective and appreciation for life’s “routine” events."

"Couldn't stop reading until I finished - 3 AM. Real, down-to-earth, warm and funny."

"A humorous boost of inspiration - helped me refocus on the wonderful blessing of raising a growing family."

"What a refreshing way to look at life!"

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What are the Experts Saying?

“A touch of humor, a lot of faith, and stories that make you think.
Chana Gittle Deray's stories add a bit of sunshine to the day and remind us that no matter what situation we find ourselves in, G-d is watching out for us.”

Chumi Friedman, Editor of Olam Yehudi a publication of The Jewish Press

“Everyday life can teach us uncommon wisdom.  Kugel Chaos & Unconditional Love is a delightful collection of everyday stories which contain uncommon gems of insight about our most important relationships: friendship, love, marriage and parenting.  A very enjoyable and growthful read!”
Chaplain (COL-ret) Nosson Sachs, Past Director of the US Army Strong Bonds Relationship Enrichment Program

"As parents we often need just one or two pieces of the puzzle to make us feel like our lives can fit together towards the future we envision; perspective, humor, encouragement.  Chana Gittle has placed these for us in the pages of her book.  We need only pick it up and find a friend who has faith enough to spare for us in our journey."

Deborah Gilboa, MD, Author,
Parenting and Youth Development Expert,

AKA "Dr.G."

“What a warm, friendly, upbeat read. I feel like I'm sitting on your living room couch with you, watching and observing your fun family and your equally fun, vibrant, positive and productive outlook on life”.
Chana Weisberg, Editor /

“Chana Gittle Deray's writing is a powerful antidote to today's epidemic of cynicism and warped values. With gentle humor and brilliant simplicity, she sets us on the right path and we love her for it.”
Rishe Deitsch, Senior Editor
N'shei Chabad Newsletter


“It never fails! Every time I read Chana Gittle's writing, it just lifts up my emotions, and usually puts a smile on my face.Her innate wisdom, plus sweet sense of humor reallydoes what it's supposed to do… teach, inspire, and, yes, Entertain!It's truly intelligent education combined withthe power to make the reader feel hopeful and at peacewith the knowledge that G-d is in charge!!Enjoy the book, gift the book to friends and family.”
Sarah Karmely, Internationally renowned Speaker, Author, Counselor and Mentor

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