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Creating Order in the Chaos

Minimize, Organize, Create Flow, ...Then Make it  Beautiful

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"I Don't even want to WANT to be Here!"

She sat shlumped in her chair, dragged to class by her friend,

and had not spoken a word. 

I thought I could engage her with a question. 

Barely making eye contact, she answered straight from her gut, 


"I don't even want TO WANT to be here!"


She explained,

Her home was a mess. She was only there because her desire

to not be home was greater than her desire to not be in class.  


And she was feeling too hopeless to do anything about it.

It's not easy to function in a space that is just not working. It brings you down, along with everyone else that is there.

We are expected to give so much in that space called home. 

Yet sometimes, it takes all the wind out of our sail to just be there.

Our homes are the training grounds for our families. 

They are the safe and comfortable, enlivening, nurturing space that we create for our families.

And... sometimes they're not.

When your home is running, your space working for the needs of your family, it becomes a foundation, a blank canvas for your family to do all each member of your household needs to do.  

There is order, there is sedar, there's a sense of calm and possibility. 


Lunches can be made because the ingredients are there AND you know where to find them.

Clothes are clean and available.

in the livingroom, everything has a home, so that it can be found and used.  

Homework happens because there is a designated place with good lighting and supplies.

Theres a sense of calm.  Order.  Endless possibility.  

Certainly not perfection - no one wants to live in perfection - but functioning, flowing, and serving the needs of those that live there.  

Let me help you 



Create flow and Systems

Make Systems

Create "Zones"

And Beautify

Manage your Time 

Manage Your Stuff  

And everyone else's

And teach you how to create this on your own.

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