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"I dont even want 
to WANT to be here!"

She sat shlumped in her chair, dragged by her friend, and had not spoken a word throughout the class. 

I thought I could engage her with a question. 

She did not answer the question, but her words came straight from her gut, 


"I don't even want to WANT to be here!"


Her home was a mess and she did not want to be there even more than she did not want to be in class.

And she was feeling too hopeless to do anything about it.


I really understood.

It's not easy to function in a space that is just not working.

We are expected to give and do so much in that space.  Yet sometimes, it takes all the wind out of our sail to just be in that space called "home.""

Our homes are the training grounds for our families.  They are the safe and comfortable, enlivening, nurturing space that we create for our families.

And sometimes they are not.

Create flow

Make systems

Create "Zones"


even Decorate

manage time 

manage stuff

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