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      From the first "pep rallies" given in her basement, to speaking to the almost 3000 participants of the Kinnus HaShluchos Convention, Chana Gittle inspires, entertains, and connects.

      Kugel, Chaos & Unconditional Love, Chana Gittle's #1 Amazon Bestselling book, along with her popular articles in The N’Shei Chabad NewsletterChabad.orgMikvah.org, The Jewish Press, and other print and online publications, give women a reason to celebrate their role as the mainstay of the Jewish home, exploring the many tools Hashem has given them for endless joy, purpose and power in that role. She is a beloved friend to her readership - a friend with whom to laugh about life, cry joyful tears of gratitude, and journey to your better self.

      As a Certified Transformational Life Coach and mentor, Chana Gittle knows that life is messy.  Sometimes you need a safe and supportive friend to walk the journey with you. Someone with the tools and wisdom to help you find and create your own beautiful dream.

   Her classes bring women together as a community to learn the tools and perspectives they need to create marriages and homes that are foundations for closeness, love, strength and blessing, while supporting one another, and having a fun time doing it.

     Chana Gittle is the Founder and First President of  Woman2Woman Toastmasters, helping women find the voice and self-confidence that life can sometimes steal from them.  

     She is also a Distinguished Toastmaster, whose presentations and workshops warm, connect and inspire her audiences to grow, show up and approach life as a gift.  
     Known for her love of walking, Chana Gittle was asked by the Pittsburgh community to be a Shabbos and Yom Tov Mikva Matron,  serving the needs of the women who come to the city's one mikva that serves the numerous, diverse and united communities. A position she cherished while living there.

    Chana Gittle is a Torah Observant woman, a wife and mother of 9 children, and the children she has been blessed with as they have married and created families of their own - plus a few "adopted" kids who have found their place in her home and heart.

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