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"I want a joyful, fulfilling life as a  Wife, Mother and Grandmother. How do I create this?"

Joy  Purpose 


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About Chana Gittle

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"I want a joyful, fulfilling life as a Wife, Mother  and now a Grandmother.

How do I create this?"


Chana Gittle Deray had absolutely NO IDEA!

When she turned to find her soulmate, a tall kind Frenchman, on one knee with a quirky smile and that all-important question, she panicked. And gave him the only answer she could.


She had no blueprint. No tools.

She married the guy on one knee.  Then she began a lifelong journey to find the wisdom she so desperately needed to

build a life worth living.

Now, this wife of the quirky Frenchman and mother of 9, Author, Life Coach, Teacher, Speaker and Founder of Woman2Woman

generously shares her ever-growing toolbox with women looking to build joyful fulfilling lives - in all stages of their lives – all delivered with Chana Gittle’s

signature warmth,

humor and

positive energy.

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Listen to a fun interview with
Rivka Malka Perlman and ​Chana Gittle

About Chana Gittle
How May I help you?

How May I Help You?

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Life Coaching

As a Transformational Life Coach,

Chana Gittle knows that life is messy.

Sometimes you need a safe and supportive friend to walk the journey with you.

Someone with the tools and wisdom to

help you find and create your own

beautiful dream.

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A Community for Moms

Chana Gittle’s original weekly “pep-rally”,

Finding Joy in the Chaos, has changed the lives of women, empowering them with skills for: self care, marriage, relationships, time and home management, while building a community to share challenges

and triumphs, and fun.

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Thrive in the Next  Stage

Your children are launched -

where does that leave you?

Join Chana Gittle, along with a community of women looking to make this transition, shorter and smoother, as you create this wonderful next stage of your life, arriving at the best you

you have ever known.

Kugel, Chaos & Unconditional Love

Kugel, Chaos & Unconditional Love

           Best Seller


A funny, touching, deeply uplifting collection of stories on family life, marriage, female empowerment, determination and faith. Available on Amazon, and in select book stores.

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"Laughed a bit, cried a bit, came away with a new perspective and appreciation for life’s “routine” events."

"Couldn't stop reading until I finished - 3 AM. Real, down-to-earth, warm and funny."

"A humorous boost of inspiration - helped me refocus on the wonderful blessing of raising a growing family."

"What a refreshing way to look at life!"

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The Delight of a Coaching Session

The Delight of a Coaching Session

Hear for Yourself

Hear for Youself


"My coaching session helped cl​arify the WHY​ ​​and transform​​ it into motivation​ and  direction​.  It armed me with tools to set up goals​ and ​turn​ them into actionable steps." RB


 "What I experienced went beyond council, beyond a safe place to share my struggles. She helped me face and heal from things that had been troubling me for years, and then to tap into my inner wisdom and rediscover myself.

I can't describe the relief of having tools, and to know that my past doesn't need to be my present and won't be my future.

I couldn't recommend this more!"



"Chana Gittle's class gave us a spiritually connected way to do what we need to do in our marriages and in raising a family, and the tools to organize, strategize and tackle the magnitude of the job, and the confidence

to get it done. 

She inspired us with humor, and showed us how to smile and laugh through the ups and downs."



 "Chana Gittel makes you feel seen and heard with her caring, gentle and compassionate approach.

Her  wisdom and powerful coaching create healing, transformation and positive change." 


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"Chana listened with the love and wisdom of many years experience and was able to bring to light simple and practical solutions to the issues at hand. I found her advice honest, accurate and enlightening. BH We already have increased Shalom Bias, that can only be expected to grow."


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A Free Gift for You

A Free Gift for You 

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The most powerful lens to live life through.

We are wired to look for what can be fixed - although helpful at times, it's not the prettiest place to live.

Try this exercise to increase the gratitude and good feelings in your marriage, or any relationship.

Download and print the exercise              or just listen.

Now find a quiet, safe and comfortable place to listen to this powerful meditation.

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